Construction & Contracting

Construction and Contracting Management Solution-"Comprehensive ERP solution for the construction and Real estate industry"

Running a profitable construction business is difficult because of eroding profit margins due to increased land cost and raw material, high owner expectations, rapidly changing technology, dwindling workforce. Only contractors who adopt best practices will achieve better profits and return on their investments

NAVBUILD is a comprehensive construction management software, build on top of Microsoft Dynamic NAV 

Microsoft Dynamics TM NAV is one of the leading business solutions in the mid-market with more than 60.000 installations and 1 million users worldwide.

NAVBUILD offers the following capabilities which make it unique and a powerful construction ERP system

Effective Project Planning

NAVBUILD provides an integrated approach to planning that links together BoQ items, resources, time and costs and facilitates project planning for a specific period or for the entire duration of execution in Microsoft Projects. By defining tasks in terms of BoQ items, NAVBUILD resource loads the bar chart automatically thereby saving precious man-hours and increasing accuracy. Once planned, statements providing projections for resources, periodic turnover and cost can be generated at the touch of a button.

Powerful Project Management Module


Allows you to import rate analysis for better cost estimation directly from designing toolsAllows to define Work Break Down Structure with job task level BOQ

Bi-Directional Information exchange with Project Planning Tool (MS Project)

Change Management with version control

Earned Value Analysis on demand

Effective Procurement & management of Stores


NAVBUILD provides complete control over the procurement cycle from requisitioning to order fulfillment and its accounting. It enables user definition of the approval limits and sequences and routes the documents to appropriate users for approval, cutting down the procurement cycle time substantially, thereby reducing costs and inventory levels. At each step in this cycle, managers can get online status of their orders, expected delivery dates and the status of their requisitions.

Control over Contract Management

NAVBUILD Contract Management handles both, contracts with the client as well as various sub-contracts and work service orders issued by the main contractor.NAVBUILD automates the process of generating applications for payments and the verification of sub-contractors applications ensuring unprecedented accuracy by virtue of its integration with various other modules. Engineers’ instructions, variations, and claims can be maintained in NAVBUILD and the corresponding impact on the Contract Price can be estimated online. Work already awarded to sub-contractors and pending work awards can be viewed at the touch of a button.NAVBUILD provides complete control over all contract-related costs and corresponding revenues to provide access to overall profitability.

Plant and Machinery management

This application provides powerful tools to control plant and machinery related costs like repairs and hauling including optimizing deployment. NAVBuild facilitates the process of preventive maintenance by providing online alerts and maintenance checklists based upon user-defined criteria.

It facilitates the treatment of the plant and machinery function as an individual business unit and its charging of hire charges to various projects based upon deployment and utilization.

Material and Labour Costing

NavBuild enables for accurate material and labor costing for a specific task or subtask in a project. Any level of excess material and labor consumed against the budget is recorded precisely and highlighted for deviations instantly.

Asset Tracking

Navbuild helps to identify each asset and tracks its movement within the workplace or otherwise. Asset maintenance can be scheduled in advance improving and visibility can be shared across the organization for improving overall productivity

Effective CRM

NAVBUILD offers an effective platform to manage and track the progress of your sales function. NAVBUILD helps you to define sales campaigns and record the results for future use. NAVBUILD’s collaboration with MS Outlook makes it more effective in tracking the progress of every meeting and recording its progress.

Project Accounting

NAVBUILD Accounting provides a powerful environment for comprehensive project accounting. It enables the creation of a chart of accounts across projects since it captures individual transactions tagged by the project.

Intuitive Dashboard

NAVBUILD’s executive dashboard provides single view status on the progress of every project and the yearned value of the same at every task and subtask level.

Segmental Reporting

NAVBUILD is inbuilt with a powerful feature called dimensions which allows recording transactions dimension wise and retrieving information dimension wise seamlessly.


NAVBUILD facilitates the precise estimation of tenders by providing access to up-to-date resource rates from the database of past and current projects online. It provides the ability to generate a set of assumptions for pricing items and creating multiple scenarios for resource rates and indirect costs, enabling the estimators to put together various pricing possibilities and options for the tender.